Custom Metal Fabrication Services

CDE CASES specializes in custom metal fabrication of cabinets, enclosures, and boxes. We primarily work with aluminum, other metals are available upon customer request. Over 45 years of custom sheet metal fabrication experience allows us to provide sheet metal products and services to a variety of different industries for a wide range of applications from custom tool boxes and small parts organizers, to control panel and electro-mechanical enclosures, annunciator panels, chassis, etc.

We Work For You

CDE CASES specializes in providing a service of customization and quality for you and your company’s needs.
From a simple design, to a ruggedized case with specific requirements for a complete system box or enclosed computing solution. We have YOU covered.

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Our custom metal fabrication expertise can provide you with products that not only meet our own high standards for quality but the standards from organizations such as NEMA, NFPA, NSCA, SME, and UL.


Process Overview

The process begins with a request for a quote. Our engineering staff then designs the product the customer or our customer provides a technical drawing. After approving the design, we fabricate a sample prototype for customer approval. We then move on to fabrication.

We source the necessary materials required for the specified job. We cut, form , weld, prepare for powder coating, silk screen ( if necessary ), pack,  and ship to our customers.

Comprehensive Manufacturing

From initial concept to final delivery, we handle every aspect of the manufacturing process with precision and expertise.

Material Selection

We carefully select high-quality materials that meet industry standards, ensuring durability and performance for your protective solutions.

Customization Capabilities

Our team works closely with you to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements, including custom cutouts, hole patterns, brackets, handles, and other design features.


Benefit from our prototyping services to visualize and test the design of your custom cases and enclosures before final production.

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